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Sunday School Programs (3yr old - 5th grade)

Sunday School for children age 3 through 5th grade, runs from September to May each year.  Times: 10:45 AM
Children should be 3 years old
by September 1, to enroll. 

What is Youth Club?

Every Wednesday during the school year something exciting happens at Our Savior’s. 
It is called Youth Club and it is an awesome adventure.  Each week we participate in a four part program that helps us practice living out God’s word.  We practice treating everyone as a Child of God as we study together, sit down for a meal during family time, play games or make cool stuff, and work together to lead worship through choir, hand bells, or art.  Not only do we make new friends and grow old friendships, but we learn a lot about the adults in the programs as we work with them week by week. 

Youth Club is for 3rd-5th graders.  Each fall we start on the last Wednesday in September and go to the last week of April.

Our Youth Club is part of The LOGOS Ministry.

A Loving Christian Preschool

Noah’s Ark Preschool is designed to provide, in a loving, Christian environment, a variety of experiences and opportunities for the emotional, physical, mental, social, and spiritual growth of each child.
Visit Noah’s Ark Website or call
Char Todd, Director at 763-784-5928 ,
or email

First Communion

The First Communion class will be switching to the spring, and will take place on Holy Thursday, or the Thursday before Easter.    4th Graders and others who have not yet attended this instruction are invited to attend.  An introduction to First Communion and stole-making will take place before the Seder meal.