When your child was baptized something amazing happened: God clearly said, through water, community, and the spoken Word, “This is my child, marked and sealed by my love, and there’s nothing that can separate them from my love.” In this moment of baptism, what was already true was proclaimed publicly, giving you and your child the assurance of an actual event in time.Our job as the church is to ensure that your child hears the good news of their worthiness and belovedness at least as often as they hear the messages that tear them down or make their worthiness or belovedness conditional. We want your kid to live their life from this place of belovedness. They should know that God loves them and that we love them too. We believe that this love is life changing.All children’s ministry at Our Savior’s is singularly aimed at the goal of communicating this message to our kids through word and action. OSLC has a vibrant history of high-quality children’s ministries that have faithfully carried out this task for decades. Of course, the pandemic has complicated this task for all of us, but we believe proclaiming belovedness is still our charge and calling from God for you and your child. For this reason, Our Savior’s Children’s Ministries are committing to making the 2020-2021 school year a year of growth – growth in faith, growth in community, and growth in love.This means that children’s ministries will look a little different this year as we find innovative ways to connect you and your child to God’s life-giving love. This year, we will Grow.Since Sunday School and Youth Club cannot occur as they normally would, young people from preschool through fifth grade are invited to take part in the ministry we’re calling, “Grow.” Through December, this will be done online with occasional, small, in-person events. This ministry will allow you to participate as a family in activities, messages, music, videos, and conversation that will clearly communicate God’s love for your child. We’ll have gathering times when you can connect with Pastor Tim and Danielle and with other OSLC families. Evaluation will occur throughout the Fall to discern whether a move to in-person ministry is possible after December. During the month of August, we will be developing the specifics of this ministry. So keep your eyes and ears open for forthcoming information.The endless love of God cannot be stopped by a pandemic. Our work of proclaiming this love to your child is more important than ever. Let’s Grow together.Register in our websited under Forms – Children’s Ministry Forms or clik here:


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