Lutheran Energy Saving Drive (LED)


Are you “green”? Are you a penny pincher? Maybe you’re a green penny pincher. Well, we have an offer for you. Leadership at Our Savior’s has decided to lower our carbon footprint and save money on the expense side of our budget by replacing all our incandescent (yes, we still have a few), fluorescent and halogen bulbs with LED bulbs. The green impact will be as follows: Carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions will be reduced by 100,000 lbs./ year. It would take 2,083 trees to absorb this amount of CO2 (Mature trees absorb about 48 lbs. of CO2/year). 100,000 lbs. of CO2 would be equivalent to taking 10 cars off the road each year (based on EPA averages). As for the budgetary impact, our LED initiative will save $8,000 annually.To pay for this, we will be starting a “Buy a Bulb” campaign. The campaign will have a table in the narthex on January 19, 26 and February 2. On any of those Sundays, or through Facebook starting on January 20, and on the Give tab on our website (choose LED fund), you can “Buy a Bulb” for $60. That kind of commitment is within reach for most of us. We also know that there are many in our congregation who are able to purchase multiple bulbs. This will allow us to take seriously our Identity Statement that declares we are relationship with creation itself.Whether you are green or a penny pincher, or both, the friendly folk at the narthex table during our campaign will be able to answer just about any question you might have. They will also be able to accept your contribution by check, cash or electronic payment. Buy a Bulb!


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