Sunday, June 13, 2021
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Our Savior’s Prayer Chain is a growing group of members and friends of Our Savior’s who prayerfully support God’s children (those in need of God’s comfort, love and strength). The Prayer chain uses 2 modes of communication to pass the prayer requests along.

Telephone Prayer Chain

The first and the oldest method is the telephone for those who do not have access to a PC and an email application. This method is truly a chain in that the prayer requests are passed along from one person to another in a chain like fashion.

e-Prayer Chain

The second method of communication is the use of a PC with an a email application.  This method is more like a prayer wheel rather than prayer chain in that one email is sent out once to multiple addresses at one time.

If you know of someone in need of prayer and you would like to request
prayer, wish to join the Prayer Chain or have questions, please contact:

-Jeanne Zaske phone – 651-786-2852
– Email Prayer Chain

Please email prayer requests or see a Pastor just before the service.   The presiding Pastor will include the written prayers in the Prayers of the Church.

Pastoral Care

We are fortunate to live in an area where there is an abundance of help when we struggle with grief, depression, relationship problems and other difficulties.  Sometimes, however, it’s “soul care” that we need.  Any of our pastors would be happy to pray with you or help you with the “God questions” that might be troubling you, so don’t hesitate to call, email or simply drop by.  The door is always open.

Care Team Ministry

 What is it and how did it get started at Our Saviors? 

Care Team Ministry (CTM)  is a faith based volunteer program in partnership with Lyngblomsten, a Christian nonprofit social ministry organization in    St. Paul. Lyngblomsten provided the initial training for setting up the program. Their Mission Statement states: “CTM provides support and friendship to individuals and families through teams of congregation-based volunteers.”

Russ Shook, Ruel Carpenter, Helen Paul, and Loretta Philips were the first to complete the training.  Pastor Craig Hanson is now working with CTM, and Lynn Rossiter and Cindy Schwiesow have completed training to become co-leaders.  Lyngblomsten continues to provide monthly educational information and programs. Some of the programs Lyngblomsten has provided include Living Well At Home and learning about Alzheimers. We also receive resource information on programs available through the state, county, and other sources.   CTM has 2 shelves in the OSLC library where much of the resource information is available for your use.

In the past years CTM has provided a variety of help to members of OSLC and the community, including: providing transportation, meals, household help, respite care, visits to shut-ins, assisting a family in a variety of ways to allow them to remain in their home, and a variety of one-time requests for specific needs. CTM can serve people of all ages – not just seniors.

Being involved with CTM has been a tremendous learning experience for me, not only for myself, but to better inform me how to respond to older members of my own family. Any assistance provided by CTM is confidential, but I will tell you that I have also been a recipient of assistance from CTM on two occasions: once when I developed an infection after surgery and was homebound for several months.  One of the volunteers visited me and brought me a meal on a couple occasions. Second, after knee replacement a volunteer visited, brought a couple meals again, and kept in touch  by phone; also a volunteer driver drove me to my first doctor’s appointment 10 days after the surgery. Their friendship and help was very much appreciated.