Sunday, June 13, 2021
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Ministry Opportunities Thru Music and Arts

Chancel Singers -Vocal choir is for singer’s ages 16 and older. Covering various traditional and contemporary choral repertories. Rehearsal is on Wednesdays at 7-8:30pm.

Cornerstone Praise  Band -Adult worship band with vocalists, electric and acoustic instruments. Rehearsal is on Saturday 9-11AM.

Dolce Ringers -Handbell ringers for ages 16 and older. Ring handbells during offering and special music during worship.

Special Music -Enhance music and worship experience with vocal solo, duet and ensemble as well as instruments.

Celebration Singers -Choir is for children  3-6th grade.
Rehearsal on Wednesday at 4:45-5:30pm as part of youth club.

Cherub Choir -Choir is for children in Kindergarten through 3rd grade. Rehearsal on Wednesday at 6:00-6:35pm.
NOTE: 3rd graders who are not registered in Youth Club but want the choir experience can choose either Celebration Singer’s or Cherub Choir .

Celebration Ringers -Bell Ringer is for children in 4-5th grade. Rehearsal on Wednesday at 4:45-5:30pm as part of youth club.

No Equal (Worship leaders and Band)
Prepare and lead music for confirmation workshops, retreats, and
Rehearse so that music is done well.
Seek out new songs to teach and use for confirmation.
Work as a team to get the confirmands excited about worship and involved in the music. (you must be engaged!)
Assist as needed with confirmation ministry.

For information on these musical groups, contact: Kyung Ko

Support Teams for Sunday

Worship, Music and Arts Ministry Team – a “behind the scenes” group that oversees the things that make Sunday morning worship “happen”. The WMA  Team works closely with the Director of Music and lead Pastor to facilitate the worship of God through art, liturgy, dance, drama and music.

Technical Arts  Team
​Always need folks interested in Technical Arts!  These are the folks that operate MediaShout (our projection software), Mix audio for the services and the Praise bands!  And Oversee Live Streaming to are Youtube Channel.