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Hobart “Sudsy” Dishwasher



Our beloved dishwasher has died.  Hobart or “Sudsy” to his closest friends, has washed his last dish. 

He spent his early years elsewhere but came to live at Our Savior’s over 25 years ago. 

He was always the center of attention in the kitchen, especially at the end of the event. 

He washed dishes for Youth Club, Agape, senior dinners, Family Table, funerals, Sunday morning coffee, preschool events, communion cups, Boy Scouts and many other community events. 

Perhaps you had the pleasure of his steamy disposition and sparkling personality, he loved serving this congregation.

Hobart was around long enough to see the clean up and renovation of the kitchen this past year and was trying to hang on to see the church reopening to gatherings again. 

Unfortunately, it was not meant to be, after a few breakdowns and repairs, the professionals told us there was nothing else that could be done, no more replacement parts were available for his circuit board. 

Hobart’s last wish was that we ask the kind members of Our Savior’s to find a way to replace him with another dishwasher that can serve them for years to come.  One that is more energy efficient and cost effective!  After all, a dishwasher is important for the health and safety of our congregation.

Hobart was a valued servant of Our Savior’s and it will cost $16,500 to replace him

with a new dishwasher, heater and add a small water softener (no more spotty dishes).

In lieu of flowers, memorials preferred to:

OSLC Dishwasher Fund

  • Thrivent members can designate their “Thrivent Choice Dollars” to Our Savior’s during this coming January-March – because this quarter the donated dollars will be added to the dishwasher fund. 

  • Senior members can donate a Qualified Charitable Distribution by letting Amy in the church office know that’s where you’d like it directed. 

  • Donations to Pastor Steve’s Miles for Ministry in January will go toward the dishwasher.

  • Everyone can make an additional donation by cash or check (note dishwasher in memo) or online using our new online pay service (we are moving away from Pushpay and going to Breeze/Stripe pay service).  

Text to give # is 651-374-9696.  After you register you can simply text “Give $amount dish” and it will go to the dishwasher fund.  Or you can do it here!  Click Button below select "Dishwasher Fund".

Any questions?  Contact Amy in the church office 763-784-1971. 

Special thanks to the Kitchen Crew for cleaning up the kitchen and planning this fundraiser.