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Grant Applications

Apply for a Grant from the OSLC Endowment Fund

Grants are accepted March 1 through April 30 of each year.  Funds available for disbursement June 1.

The OSLC Endowment Fund was established to enhance the ministry and mission of Our Savior’s Lutheran Church and makes grants in four categories:

  • Missions – Worldwide ministries, evangelism, social ministries, or capital financing for the ELCA and other mission work.

  • Outreach – Support for outreach into the community and synod such as seminaries, colleges, schools, social service agencies and other special programs.

  • Capital Improvement – Support for debt reduction, building program and other Christian activities.

  • Financial Aid – Support for students attending ELCA seminaries, colleges, schools, for church camps, mission trips, and church sponsored youth activities.

Please see application for more details. 

(Form is only active March 1 through April 30)

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OSLC Endowment Fund

Become a Legacy Leader

In 2001 proceeds from the sale of the church parsonage were used to establish the Our Savior's Endowment Fund.  This fund provides additional resources, separate from regular giving to support and enhance the mission and vision of the congregation.  Contributions to the fund are invested and the earnings are distributed to:

-  The congregation's local and global mission partners

-  Capital improvements and ministry development within the church

-  Scholarships for members attending ELCA colleges.

If you would like to help support these grant areas by growing the OSLC Endowment Fund, you can give today or become a Legacy Leader.  

To make a donation today,

Mail a check to:

OSLC Endowment Fund

9185 Lexington Avenue

Circle Pines, MN  55014

To make a donation in the future,

Click on the "Include in Estate Plan" button below.

Thank you!

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